“We found that not only is geothermal a very efficient system to run in terms of cost, but it is a very effective system in terms of ongoing maintenance, utilization, and comfort,” said Leo Bernabei who oversaw the installation of a geothermal system at the Wayne (PA) Elementary School. The school district already has three geothermal systems in use in area schools – in the Radnor Elementary School, the Radnor Middle School, and the Ithan Elementary School. Not only that, but this most recent addition was installed over the course of two summers, so that the students were not disrupted!

So this forward-thinking school district has reduced ongoing repair and upkeep costs, achieved greater comfort and put in place a long-lasting and glucksspiel much more environmentally friendly HVAC system. What”s not to love about it and how do we encourage others to think the same way?!

The Radnor Middle School—retrofitted last year with geothermal—was recognized for its pro-environment action when it was named a 2012 Green Ribbon School Award winner this year.

How green is my school? Very if you go to Radnor Middle School or one of the other three geothermally-heated and cooled schools in the district.

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