Summer brings new energy-saving opportunities!

We love helping you save money and the environment. That’s why we routinely recommend high efficiency and Energy Star heating and cooling systems!

There is one easy shift you can make that will definitely save you energy and money: a clothes line. Did you know that clothes dryers use a whole lot of energy? They have to because they both spin and produce heat.

ClotheslineAn average household uses about 6% of their electricity to run an electric dryer.

The efficiency of heating systems, A/C systems, washers and refrigerators, has increased markedly in recent decades, manufacturers have not shown as much enthusiasm for doing the same for dryers. Dryers are so energy hungry that even a new one can consume as much electricity as an efficient new clothes washer, refrigerator, and dishwasher combined.

A great solution is the humble clothes line. Let the wind do it! No yard? A drying rack in allows clothes to air dry.Or use the dryer less—reduce your drying temperature and remove clothes before they are completely dry. Hang them and watch the wrinkles disappear! Plus, your clothes will last longer and colors will stay vibrant longer.

Always happy to help you save energy.

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