Hey all you volt conscious people out there! We have an excellent new way to save some precious watts: Smart Strips! These handy little gizmos replace your old power strips, and are a proactive way manage your power consumption. Even when they are off or asleep, your appliances are drawing unused power. This power strip is an easy way to prevent that excess draw. The strip works on a control system. There is one “control outlet,” which automatically disables power to six other outlets when it isn’t in use. So, if you plug your TV into the control outlet, when you are watching it the other 6 outlets on the strip are live, but when it is off the other 6 are disabled. Need to keep your wireless router on at all times? The Smart Strip has you covered with 2 outlets that are normal (power flows to them at all times). This is a great way to cut down on your costs without spending a lot.  One review we read said that they had saved almost $6 a month!

You can get Smart Strips at R. K. Miles in Manchester for $35.49

As always, the best way to save on electricity is to thoroughly check your house for unused appliances and lights.

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