Time to Switch Your Ceiling Fan’s Spin

One of the least expensive ways to cool a room or a house is ventilation. So open those windows if you can! Then enhance your home’s ventilation with a ceiling or attic fan.

Ceiling fans are great for moving the air and creating a breeze in an otherwise warm room. This cools us off by evaporation. In summer, you want to be sure to switch your fan so that the blades move in a counter-clockwise rotation (when you are looking up at them from below). When spinning in this direction, the fan pushes air downward for the wind-cooling effect. (In Fall, when it gets chilly outside again, reverse the direction so that the blades push the warm air down the sides of the rooms, making your room a little warmer. This can give your heating unit a much-needed respite during the colder months of the year.)

Whole house (or attic) fans pull air in through windows, and exhaust it through the attic and roof. Energy.gov advises, “To ensure proper sizing and safety, professionals should install these fans.” In many climates, a whole house fan can provide sufficient cooling without engaging an air conditioner.

Although we install a lot of air conditioning, both whole house and mini-splits for individual zones, we are also big fans of fans!

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