Ski Slope Home


To convert two energy inefficient ski condos at a Vermont ski slope into one highly efficient home.


Replace the existing (and expensive) electric heat with a new groundloop Waterfurnace geothermal heating & cooling system with a RenewAire Energy Recovery Ventilator. At the same time dramatically increased the insulation, and replace the leaky fenestration with highly efficient windows.

Alan Benoit, Energy Consultant and Architect from Sustainable Design, oversaw the project and said: “Spotty fiberglass insulation was replaced with a combination of closed and open cell spray foams and dense packed cellulose; electric heating was upgraded to a geothermal system, which also cools the home in summer. Overall air leakage was reduced by 80%.”


What was once a drafty old home has become a model of efficiency. In a cold location, adjacent to a Vermont ski slope, at an altitude of approximately 1,800 feet, where snow in May is commonplace, there now sits a home of more than 2,100 square feet that is heated (and cooled!) for about $500 a year. In addition, there is no outside heating or air conditioning unit to spoil the exterior, and the whole system runs as quiet as a mouse. And very environmentally friendly—geothermal heating and cooling is one of the greenest technologies there is. Cozy, hidden, quiet, inexpensive and green.





2040 square feet


Attached Condominium