East Dorset Home


To find an economical way to heat a 1795 farmhouse in North Dorset, Vermont. The house is insulated and was heated by an oil baseboard hot water system that used about 1600 gallons of heating oil per year.


Replace the main heating system with a geothermal system. In order to do this the baseboard hot water system had to be replaced throughout the 2400 square foot house by a hot air system powered by a Water Furnace geothermal unit with a humidifier built right into the system.


The results were remarkable! With the oil fired unit, the yearly usage of fuel oil was 1600 gallons per year @ $3.00 per gallon totaling $4800.00. If oil gets back up to $4.00 per gallon, the cost of that oil would be $6,400 a year.You can see the chart spelling it all out here: CVPS Bills 2008-12

The electric bill previously hovered around $1,200/year. Now, the monthly electric bill in warmer months is $150.00 (x 8 = $1200.00). During the coldest months the bill has never been higher than about $350.00 (x 4 = $1400.00). The total for heating and air conditioning and running all the electrical appliances in the house for the year is about $2600.00. Deducting the cost of the previous electricity expense ($1,200) from the total of $2,600 – the added electrical cost is $1,400 per year to heat and cool the house. That is a phenomenal savings—either $4,800 or $6,400 (depending on the price of oil)!

In addition, the benefit of whole house air conditioning—once thought frivolous in Vermont but no longer—is a tremendous boon to the homeowner, as is the constant air filtration and cleaning.





2400 square feet


Clapboard Colonial


WaterFurnace Geothermal unit at 31 Old Route 7 E. Dorset

The WaterFurnace geothermal system at 31 Old Route 7, E. Dorset