It’s simple. If your house is on the ground, you can enjoy the many benefits of geothermal heating. Whether 1795 Colonial, new 2010 construction or a 1980’s country home, almost any home can use geothermal energy for heat and air conditioning, and reduce or eliminate dependence on fossil fuels. Now there’s a strong extra incentive: a 30% Federal Tax Credit (with no limit!) on geothermal installations.

Installing a geothermal system as a house is being built is simplicity itself. Retrofitting a system into an existing home is almost always a possibility. Is your home suitable for a geothermal installation? Probably. We just need to come look it over and then we can tell you what would be involved in getting you to the freedom of heat from the ground under your house!

Do these heating and air conditioning benefits appeal to you?
  • Lower Operating Cost
  • Extremely Environmentally Friendly
  • Reliable
  • Enhanced Comfort
  • Quiet

A geothermal system operates far more efficiently than ordinary heating and air conditioning systems. By combining stored earth energy with safe electric power, owners realize savings up to 70% for heating, cooling, and hot water.

A geothermal heating & cooling system is an excellent way to reduce (or even eliminate!) your on-site carbon footprint. It is a green approach to heating and cooling that works extremely well, even in Vermont!

Geothermal units are set up inside, and thus not exposed to the weather. This helps extend their already strong reliability and low maintenance costs.

Well-balanced geothermal systems, like ours, provide precise distribution of comfortable air all year long, eliminating hot spots and cold spots. When heating, the system gently circulates warm air—no hot blasts as with ordinary gas or oil furnaces. When cooling, our geothermal units deliver cool, dehumidified air. And unlike ordinary air conditioners, there is no noisy outdoor unit to disturb your environment or your neighbors. Our Geothermal units are designed and constructed for “whisper quiet” operation, similar to your refrigerator.

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The Energy Credit

There is a HUGE incentive for installing a geothermal system. The government is offering a 30% tax credit for homeowners (or business owners) who choose to do the smart thing and put in geothermal. The incredible part of this tax credit is that there is No Limit on it! No matter the cost of putting in your system (and costs vary widely), you can get 30% of that back as a tax credit through 2016!

In addition, this credit may be used in combination with the other federal energy efficiency incentive tax credits. Look at for specifics.

To learn more about the tax credit download this PDF:

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WaterFurnace Envision products set the industry standard for efficiency, reliability and quiet operation. Available in seven single speed sizes and five dual capacity sizes, Envision units provide exceptional performance. All Envision units utilize the ozone-safe R-410A refrigerant to meet the most stringent EPA requirements now and for many years to come. A sophisticated microprocessor control sequences all components during operation for optimum performance, and provides easy-to-use troubleshooting features with fault lights and on-board diagnostics. Units may be configured for horizontal, vertical top discharge or vertical bottom discharge. Heavy-gauge metal cabinets are coated with durable poly paint for long lasting protection. Inquire for More

Envision™ Series • Efficiency, Performance & Features: 5 Stars!
  • Meets or exceeds Energy Star® guidelines
  • 30 EER / 5 COP (ARI 13256-1 GLHP)
  • Comfort Alert™ enabled
  • Ultra Quiet operation

Envision products represent WaterFurnace’s highest efficiency units with features that provide the ultimate in performance and reliability.