Want a really simple way to cut down those energy costs? We suggest using LED nightlights! These fantastic little gadgets use only 10% of the electricity of an incandescent bulb. Not only do they draw less juice, but they also emit less heat—meaning your AC system doesn’t have to work as hard. This cool running also means that little Bobby is less likely to burn his fingers when he touches the lamp. Another great thing about them is that many come with a photovoltaic sensor that automatically turns them on when it gets dark in whatever room they are in. They also last much longer than other incandescent lights—like years! We love them, and we think that will love them too.

LED Nightlight

You can get LED nightlights at Aubuchon Hardware in Manchester for $6.99-$14.99. For less than $10 you could save much more than that on electricity for years to come.

As always, the best way to save on electricity is to thoroughly check your house for unused appliances and lights. So, if little Bobby is all grown up now, unplug your extra nightlights!

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