Humble air conditioning’s main benefit is that it keeps us cool. But I came across this article in The Baltimore Sun that points out another way A/C might be incredibly useful—when you want to sell your home.

These days, the weather is getting more extreme and it’s now common to have air conditioning even in Vermont, where it was highly unusual back when I started in business (back in the day, aka before global warming). Then the common thinking was “Who needs A/C in the Green Mountains with all the summer breezes and crisp mountain air?” Now, however, it seems most people prefer at least one room with air conditioning, if not a whole house. I don’t think we’ve gotten all that much softer. I think it’s that it is the new norm and the fact that it’s gotten easier to install and so much more efficient probably helps, too.

The sellers in the article in Maryland had their house on the market once at a lower price, and it didn’t move. The story gives the sale over to some smart improvements the owners made before relisting, “The asking price this time around was $329,900, and that is exactly what the buyers paid for it. So what happened in two years? For starters, the market had improved, but what really clinched the deal was that the previous owners added air conditioning and opened up the walls between the dining room and kitchen for a more spacious and contemporary feel.”

It’s common to paint a house to prep it for sale but in today’s tough market. Maybe it really is worthwhile to add in central air conditioning and then add the cost of it to the sale price? Any realtors out there have an opinion?

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