“Split System” Heat Pumps for Year Round Comfort and Extraordinary Efficiency

A split system heat pump keeps homes comfortable all year long. In summer, it draws heat out of your home to cool it. In the winter, it draws heat from outside air into your home to warm it. Outside air always has heat in it—even at very low outdoor temperatures. Like a central air conditioner, a heat pump includes a compressor, fan, outdoor coil, indoor coil, and a refrigerant. The efficiency of heat pumps is rated using SEER (for cooling efficiency) and HSPF (for heating efficiency). A heat pump uses electricity as its power source.

We offer a variety of York split system heat pumps. If you are interested in moving to heating and cooling system that does not rely on the vagaries of oil or gas prices, this could be just the ticket!

We also provides equipment maintenance and repair service to a full spectrum of commercial and industrial facilities. Please call or send us a message if you have commercial/industrial needs.

Great Comfort with High Efficiency

York home comfort systems are designed and built to provide maximum quality, comfort and efficiency to your home. Whether you’re looking for a furnace, an air conditioner or a complete heating and cooling solution, we will evaluate the important factors (your home’s size, age, number of rooms, regional climate and utility costs) and select the very best system for your home.

Tax Credit on Certified Models

There are a number of tax credits and/or rebates for the installation of energy efficient heating and cooling systems. These are most often available for principal residences only. Find more information here on the EPA’s website about the tax credit.