Home Standby Generator Benefits

  • Reliable backup power to ensure your life goes on even when utility power doesn’t.
  • Automatic switchover the minute the power goes out – you don’t have to do a thing.
  • Whole house capability, not just running a light or two, so you are safe and comfortable.

Experience the freedom from worry, the happy reassurance that a generator can give. Your home is the nerve center of your life and it’s so important to keep the power on. It’s easy, too. We can install a generator quickly and it will come on automatically as needed, so you can relax whether there is a Nor’easter blowing, a hurricane approaching, or an ice storm freezing up all of New England. You will be very happy, and feel very secure knowing that you have an automatic whole house generator.

Cummins Generators: Quiet, Easy to Install, Automatic Switchover

We install and service Cummins Onan generators. We believe in this company and product. It’s a terrific generator and it’s neighbor-friendly because it is so much quieter than other brands.


It’s Easy to Learn More

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