Greetings and Thank You for Your Interest in Purchasing this Vermont Business.

Dee’s Electrical has been in business in Manchester since 1964. It was started by my father and I took over in the 1980s. The business is profitable and has tremendous customer loyalty, due in large part to our focus on excellent, very professional service.

You’ll learn about what Dee’s does by perusing the website. What you might also want to know:

  • You do not need to be an electrician to own and operate this electrical business, but you do need to have a Master Electrician on staff. Currently, other than myself we have 2 Master Electricians. If you are an electrician from anywhere other than Vermont, Maine or New Hampshire (the latter being the 2 states we have reciprocity with), you will need to pass the licensing exam in Vermont.
  • My staff does not yet know that this business is for sale. I value your discretion, so please call only my direct line to discuss this.
  • I will be happy to discuss more of the fine points, including finances, with any serious buyers. Currently I am asking $x,xxx,xxx which includes the land the business is on, the building that houses Dee’s, another building that a sheet metal worker is currently renting, and a full 6 bedroom home, which I have also been renting, but which a new owner could live in. All this is within walking distance of the center of town.

To learn more about our amazing community, here are some websites:
Town of Manchester 
Manchester Vermont

Our schools are top notch:
Manchester Elementary (the perfect public school choice for K-8)
Burr and Burton Academy (the very highly rated, local high school which just received a $20 million donation!) (another excellent independent high school in the area)
Maple Street School  (an excellent independent K-8 school option)

We are nearby 2 excellent ski mountains:
Bromley Mountain
And kids get one afternoon off each week in winter to go skiing thanks to JISP! JISP is the Junior Instructional Ski Program. JISP was started in 1951 by Sally Pabst (Yes, she is from that Pabst family, the one that brews your Pabst Blue Ribbon.) as part of the Bromley Ski Club at Bromley Mountain. Sally’s mission when she formed JISP all those years ago was simple: provide southern Vermont school children with an opportunity to learn to ski, and foster their kinship with Vermont and winter sports.

Please call me at 802-xxx-xxxx to learn more. – Mike Kilburn