Looking for a way to streamline your electric bill and your décor? Explore the families of Leviton and Lutron lighting controls. Using dimmers saves electricity. If you don”t need all those watts every time you turn on a light, why use them? The extra light only benefits the power companies. Turn off what you don”t need, and, with either Lutron or Leviton lighting controls, you can do it with striking good looks. Beneath the elegant surface lies an advanced technology that”s all digital and exceptionally easy to operate.

Dimming the Lights

Reduces Energy Consumption

Extends Bulb Life



2x longer



4x longer



20x longer



more than 20x longer

Leviton and Lutron both carry components that compliment a wide range of decorating styles and deliver performance and aesthetic return for a relatively small investment. In addition, they are entirely suitable for both residential and commercial use. We routinely convert dining room chandeliers, living room track & kitchen lighting to dimmers. Life doesn”t have to be a simple on/off. Contact us to explore the infinite range off moods & lighting.

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