Electrical services are where we began and where we have our deepest experience. We do everything from wiring an entire home or business to fixing a single outlet.

We offer complete electrical design services for lighting and wiring, in addition to installations & repairs. Want a home that lights up in welcome as you drive up? How about a home where you can turn off all the lights from one switch each night? We’d love to tell you about all the innovations we provide that can make your life better. Inquire for More

Repairs and Renovations We’ve Done:

  • Rehabilitated a residential electrical system following damage from frozen pipes
  • Rewired phone outlets and tv jacks in a home
  • Rewired home outlets and lighting
  • Replaced service entrance at a local restaurant when the old one started burning (!)
  • Upgrade the electrical panel at a local park
  • Renovated the electrical system in a doctor’s office
  • Updated the electrical system in an existing home
  • Rewired the electrical system for an existing business
  • Renovated a retail shop for use as a café

Equipment We’ve Installed:

  • Service entrances
  • GFCIs
  • Stand-by generators
  • Those required, hardwired smoke detectors (bet you forgot you needed one)
  • Dimmers (we’re dimmer experts)
  • New computer network
  • Wiring for a new house under construction
  • New lighting for an area retail shop
  • Wiring for a wedding tent (and then un-wired it post-nuptials)
  • Wiring for a new business
  • Wiring for a new garage
  • Whole house wiring for a new log home
  • Outside wiring for pond lights and a pump
Reassuring Fine Print

Dee’s has licensed, bonded, insured, experienced electricians—you wouldn’t want anything less working on your home. And as a bonus, we’re clean, cheerful & organized.

We hear that from customers all the time, you don’t need to take our word for it.