This is good news all around. A large geothermal power plant is beginning construction in Oregon AND providing jobs. With significant funding (and implicit blessing) from the Dept of Energy, it indicates a governmental shift, or at least a leaning, towards alternative energy: “Every day we send a billion dollars overseas to countries that often don’t share our values to pay for our dependence on foreign oil. We should instead be spending that money here in America, creating red, white and blue, clean energy jobs,” said U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley. “This geothermal project is a prime example of homegrown American energy that will create jobs here in Oregon.”

“The Neal Hot Springs project is creating high-quality American manufacturing and construction jobs through the construction of the power plant, which is being supplied by Houston-based TAS Energy, Inc., a provider of high efficiency modular energy systems. U.S. Geothermal anticipates about 95 percent of the power plant’s infrastructure and parts will be supplied by U.S.-based manufacturers. Approximately 150 construction jobs and over a dozen permanent jobs are expected to be created during the project’s 18-month construction phase.”
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